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Dirk Lohan studied architecture at both the Illinois Institute of Technology and the Technische Universität in Munich, Germany. In 1962, he came permanently to Chicago and worked in the office of his grandfather Mies van der Rohe until Mies’ death in 1969. During these years, Dirk Lohan worked on a number of important buildings, foremost of them the New National Gallery in Berlin.

After Mies’ death, Dirk Lohan continued the practice with two partners until it became, in the mid-seventies, Lohan Associates. Over the ensuing decades, the firm developed to Lohan Anderson and, with a short period of employment at Wight & Co., to the new Lohan Architecture.

In addition to Dirk Lohan, the firm’s leadership also includes Michael C. Barnes as Principal. Michael and Dirk have worked together for over 30 years and they share the same commitment to quality architecture.

Our office represents a large and diversified portfolio of notable and excellent building designs, most of which have been built, while others await realization. 


We strive for well-detailed and technologically innovative design with an aesthetic expression that will stand the test of time.

We approach the design of a project without preconception. Rather, our work is the result of a search for the most appropriate solution for each project’s objectives.

We collaborate with clients and communities to define their needs and aspirations. Together, we seek a humane and enriched built environment for a better world.


office: 312.809.8029, ext 2

mobile: 312.420.1877

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office: 312.809.8029, ext 3

mobile: 312.877.0130

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